Seasonal Affective Disorder – In a Slump? Use Essential Oils to Ease Stress!

Today is the last day of the “JOY” in January Blogging Event of the Natural Perfumers Guild, Suppliers and Associates.  We’ve been discussing uplifting scents and products to help those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

Don’t let the dark days and nights of winter put you in a slump.  Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. is a mood disorder or depression that can drain your energy and cause extreme stress.

One of the most versatile and well-known essentials oils for stress is Lavender and no home should be without it.  More than 30 different types of Lavender oils and blends are traded on the world markets.  You may not know this but the enchanting floral scent of Lavender is unique to each variety of plant within the same species, due to its chemical structure, depending on type grown, or harvested in different ways or locations.  Their aromas can range from a sweet floral aroma to a strong camphorous scent.  There are so many uses for Lavender that I’m mentioning only a few here.  Lavender is strongly anti-fungal, as well as being able to inhibit a wide range of bacterial infections, including staph, strep, pneumonia and most flu viruses.

Aromatherapy can help ease stress by surrounding yourself with some of the mood lifting essential oils listed here:

Lavender, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Coriander, Neroli, Bergamot, Jasmine, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Orange Bitter, Grapefruit, Roman Chamomile, Balsam Fir, Rosemary, Juniper, Peppermint, Tangerine, Rose and Ylang Ylang.  While this isn’t a complete list, these are well-known essential oils for helping with stress, anxiety, and depression issues.  Personally, I also love using Blood Orange, as it seems to add a bit of happiness to every blend.

Here’s a simple body oil recipe to try when you need to refresh your spirits.

Harmony Body Oil
(Ease frustration and irritability by re-connecting the senses)

  9 drops Lavender-French    7 drops Blood Orange    5 drops Bergamot BF    4 drops Spearmint.

Mix essential oils and add to 1 oz. Fractionated Coconut Oil.
Use as an all over restorative massage oil.

Don’t have time for a full body massage?
Use this blend on the soles of the feet for its stress-relieving properties.
The soles of the feet are a quick absorption site for essential oil blends.

A big thank you for everyone’s comments and the opportunity to share and learn more about this disorder and how others struggle to cope with it.  I hope aromatherapy can in some small way continue to add “Joy” and illuminate your journey throughout the rest of the year.     Don’t forget to check back on Thursday for the listing of the Arlys Naturals – Aromatherapy Contessa prize give-aways.

Please join us in sharing this blogging event.  Just be sure to post your comment and be automatically entered to win a prize daily.  I’ve copied the blogging requirements below:

Wednesday – January 18th – The Arlys Naturals – Aromatherapy Contessa prize give-away is:  One Aqua Travel Pocket Diffuser and 4 ml. of Utopia Synergy.

1.                   When you comment, just give your first name and first initial of last name or a nickname (ISP eg., gmail) and location.  That way, when we announce the winners on Thursday January 19th, we’ll make sure we have the correct participant.  You must claim your prize by email by midnight on Saturday, January 21st.  At that time and we will exchange full name and shipping information.
2.                   A participant can post as anonymous, but that will make you ineligible for the prize drawing.
3.                   There is a prize give-away each day beginning Monday, January 16th through Wednesday, January 18th.  You will need to post a comment each day to be eligible for the prizes. Winners announced on Thursday – January 19th.
4.                  Arlys Naturals is located in the U.S. and ships to U.S. addresses only, so we will only be able to ship to participants in the U.S.  At this time, we do not ship to Canada or any other international country – sorry.

Be sure to visit the links below for more uplifting information on the power of scent and free give-aways:

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About Aromatherapy Contessa

I love creating aromatic blends with essential oils whether for my Arlys Naturals product lines, for fun, or for customer special orders. I'm just drawn into the veil of mystery that nature has provided through these living plants, not just in their aromatic properties, but also their natural healing properties.
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14 Responses to Seasonal Affective Disorder – In a Slump? Use Essential Oils to Ease Stress!

  1. Py says:

    Thank you for another aromatherapy recipe! I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Michael S says:

    Thank you for all the great ideas and recipes in the Joy in January posts! I really appreciate them and look forward to working them into my winter.

    Michael S

  3. Lavender has been a big help both for my SAD and for my menopausal symptoms – soothing & relaxing. I’m looking forward to whipping up your recipe – I’ve been *drinking* blood orange drinks, but have never gotten any blood orange essential oil – if it adds happiness, I *must* try it. ; ]

    And I think you’ve made me want a big ol’ foot soak with some drops of lavender & orange.

    (I can be reached via twitter or my nickname at gmail.)

  4. Nancy says:

    I love reading your tips about blending oils to help with SAD!!
    Thanks so much.
    I enjoy your blog..keep up the great work!

  5. einsof says:

    blood orange is magical! it seems to have the same uplifting/supportive nature of bergamot but in a more innocent or child like aroma/vibration. does wonders for all kinds of perfumes/blends.
    anointing the feet with essential oils is a wonderful way to experience therapeutic aromatherapy- easy peesy!

    einsof preparing for the deep freeze tonight in the black hills.

  6. Hemla S. says:

    wow. over so soon
    Thank you for all you have shared with us these past days.

  7. nekosan says:

    =) It’s interesting to see all the uses for lavender!

  8. Hi Contessa! I try to make sure all my kids (who are all away from home now) have some lavender at hand. It’s the one oil I make sure I travel with and I keep some in the kitchen just in case I burn myself. I have enjoyed your blogs!

  9. Robin Cooley says:

    Would love to own a pocket diffuser-much better than a cotton ball in a plastic bag!!
    The citrus and mint together sounds great! Please enter me in the drawing~ Happy Day!

  10. Nice recipe! Fun and easy to use while being effective! Today it is snowing in Montana – alot!! A massage with a great blend sounds awesome. Thanks for blogging these passt 3 days and sharing. It’s been fun!

  11. Amy H. says:

    I used to work for a farmer that grew 5 different varieties of lavender. We would sell both fresh lavender when it was in season and dried lavender and lavender products at the farmer’s market. I used to know the difference between the different varieties, but alas, that knowledge has faded away. I do remember that they can be quite different, however.

    Amy H. in Philadelphia

  12. Sujaan says:

    Thank you again for participating in this draw. I appreciate you trying to lift our winter spirits. And who wouldn’t want to go to Utopia?! I love lavender, that’s a great recipe. I am taking notes and exploring your site.

  13. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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