Romancing the Heart –

February is all about LOVE so whatever moves you like music, watching the glow of stars at night, or sitting on the beach just wiggling your toes in the sand, it’s really all about making magical moments with that special someone.  My honey and I spent a crisp, cold night in Wyoming one year snuggled up – just watching overhead a vast amount of stars and talking.  While shivering, we were surprisingly graced with a barrage of shooting stars as they danced across the midnight sky.  A spectacular sight that warms our heart every time we remember how beautiful it was.

Looking for a sensual massage oil to help rekindle the fire!  Try this luxurious erotic massage oil:

 8 drops Rose    8 drops Sandalwood  ♥  10 drops Clary Sage   5 drops Jasmine Absolute    5 drops Nutmeg.

Mix essential oils together and add to 4 oz. Jojoba Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil.
Relax with the glow of candlelight and surrender!

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About Aromatherapy Contessa

I love creating aromatic blends with essential oils whether for my Arlys Naturals product lines, for fun, or for customer special orders. I'm just drawn into the veil of mystery that nature has provided through these living plants, not just in their aromatic properties, but also their natural healing properties.
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4 Responses to Romancing the Heart –

  1. einsof says:

    very much enjoyed my first issue of the newsletter! thank you again for a generous draw!

  2. Christine says:

    Jasmine Absolute is an amazing fragrance. I have blended it with Neroli and a carrier oil to create a natural perfume….yummy! Looking forward to trying your blend above–the nutmeg will make a nice spicy touch. Thank you!

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