Coping with Grief, Trauma or Extreme Stress

There are just certain times where we experience grief, trauma or extreme stress.

Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) essential oil is one such oil that is quite beneficial for grief after losing a loved one.  It benefits releasing deep-seated grief or old pain.  Spikenard oil can also be used in palliative care to help ease the transition from life to death.  Caregivers would benefit greatly using this oil.

It has a sweet-earthy and spicy-woodsy aroma as it calms a worried mind and is soothing to a troubled heart.   A member of the Valerian family, Spikenard essential oil is steam distilled from the long dried and crushed roots of the herb, producing a golden-yellow oil.  Native to the Himalayan mountains. Grows wild in Nepal, but also found in China and Japan.

Its properties are analgesic, antiseptic, anti-convulsant, anti-spasmodic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic and anti-anxiety.

Some aromatherapy uses for Spikenard are relieving tension, stress, migraine, nervous indigestion, heart palpitations, allergies and insomnia.

In stressful times, it can also be massaged directly on the skin in small amounts at the temples, behind the ears, neck or the collarbone and wrist areas, or place a few drops in your palms, rub together and inhale.

Useful for treating allergic skin reactions and rashes, hair loss, soothe skin inflammations, athlete’s foot, and extremely regenerative as a balancing oil for dry, mature skin.

Soothing to a queasy stomach or mix in a massage blend for the tummy for use as a laxative, or soothe menstrual issues.  Since it is a balancing oil, it is useful for men and women.

Below is a simple balancing oil to be used in times of great stress, trauma or grief to help through emotional and transitional times.

  7 drops Spikenard  ●  7 drops Lemon   5 drops Grapefruit-Ruby Red
●  10 drops Lavender  ●  1 oz. Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil.

Mix essential oils together and then add to 1 oz. of carrier oil.
Massage gently on feet, hands, back of the neck and abdomen.


About Aromatherapy Contessa

I love creating aromatic blends with essential oils whether for my Arlys Naturals product lines, for fun, or for customer special orders. I'm just drawn into the veil of mystery that nature has provided through these living plants, not just in their aromatic properties, but also their natural healing properties.
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1 Response to Coping with Grief, Trauma or Extreme Stress

  1. Nancy says:

    Do you have these oils available in a kit or as a ready mixed blend?
    I have two families that could really use this mixture!
    Please let me know.
    Thanks so much..

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