Stressed? Anxious? Worried? Uplifting Essential Oils to the Rescue


While we live in extraordinary times, sometimes life’s stresses can take its toll on our emotions.  Our emotions get all tangled up with daily chores, work, worry, overwhelming drama or trauma.

Don’t you just wish we had a button that we could push to make order out of the chaos?

For those times when we can’t wrap our head around whatever uncertainty is present, we all need that emotional place to “let go” for some inner peace and tranquility. The following essential oils have a multitude of properties and are all good for their uplifting qualities that can help bring calm and clarity.


Bergamot BF:
Light, delicate and refreshing aroma.  Known as a neuro-tonic – making it beneficial for anxiety, depression, nervous tension, irritability and frustration.


 A sweet, spicy aroma has been used through the ages for digestive issues.  The aroma is noted for its uplifting, refreshing, warming qualities that can be beneficial in times of nervous exhaustion, worry, weakness and fatigue.


The aroma is exotic, sweet and flowery.  Uplifting and stimulating for times of hopelessness and nervous exhaustion, as well as helpful in restoring energy and confidence.

The sweet aroma is both woody and floral.  Known for its anti-anxiety and stress relieving actions.  Helps to refresh the senses, clear confusion and reduce mental fatigue.

Below is a gentle, soothing synergy that is wonderful used in a diffuser, in a pocket diffuser/inhaler, or as a massage oil or bath oil.


  24 drops Bergamot BF    10 drops Cardamom
  4 drops Jasmine    4 drops Petitgrain.

Mix essential oils and add to a diffuser, or add approx. 10 drops of synergy to a pocket diffuser.

As a massage oil, add 15 drops to 1 oz. of Sesame Oil.
Warming the sesame oil before use will also help relax the muscles.
Use as an all over body massage, or you can concentrate on the neck and shoulders.

As a bath oil, add 8 drops of the synergy to a tablespoon of bath salts, or carrier oil.
Add to warm bath water, and gently disperse.  Relax for 15-20 minutes.

’til next time,



About Aromatherapy Contessa

I love creating aromatic blends with essential oils whether for my Arlys Naturals product lines, for fun, or for customer special orders. I'm just drawn into the veil of mystery that nature has provided through these living plants, not just in their aromatic properties, but also their natural healing properties.
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